Thank you for your kind words, wishes and greetings

Hi all.

Before we continue to travel and also to write in the blog I would like to take the time to thank you all for your emails, sms, facebook messages, phone calls and what else. There was Christmas, new year and my birthday. In the end it was too much for us to respond to all of them.

After all we were pretty busy from December 25th onwards. And actually only had an internet connection once in a while.

We are all fine. We enjoyed Christmas Eve, but after that business as usual. Or actually not so usual. We didn’t take much note of new year. Cora woke up at midnight. I didn’t. My birthday was especially great because of the successful border crossing to Myanmar.

We have also sent some Christmas presents from Nepal already. Unfortunately a lot of them – including personal letters – have been removed from the package by the Nepalese customs. We’ve sent all within one parcel and asked Cora’s parents to further dispatch it to several addresses.

We also have this feeling that a lot of postcards never reach you. It would be great, if you could just write a comment whenever you receive one. Tell us from where it came and how long it took. If you never get any postcards from us, we probably don’t like you. If you think „well, they should really like me. I am a great person“, but still got no postcards then it’s all the Asian post’s fault – or your self image is terribly distorted. Or maybe you just didn’t provide your address. You can send us your postal address privately here.

Right now we are somewhere in Myanmar. Cora is lying on the bed holding both hands on her cheeks. Additionally she has a facial expression that says: „Oh my god, I left the stove turned on“. Hopefully she didn’t. I will try to find out what’s going on inside her head later. Maybe some flashbacks of the times in India. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder I guess.

Postbox in Meghalaya. Put in two postcards here.
Postbox in Meghalaya. Put in two postcards here.

One thought on “Thank you for your kind words, wishes and greetings

  1. Die Postkarte aus dem tibetischen Kloster (Datum 12.12.15) ist letzte Woche angekommen! Postweg also ca. 5 Wochen.
    Und ja, Indien ist umwerfend und wahnsinnig anstrengend – schön, dass ihr gut wieder rausgekommen seid!
    Weiterhin gute Fahrt und tolle Erlebnisse euch!
    Liebe Grüße

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