Informer – Snow

Just wanted to let you all know, that winter has won the race. Yesterday I was stuck in a little village in the mountains. Today I enjoyed the snow-covered winter scenery, but I get slowed down quite a bit.

But I’m approaching Prague. So I’m already pretty close.

Actually this post is not really necessary, but this was the last chance to use that title. So I didn’t want to miss that.

I admit I had to google the lyrics to understand what the song is actually about. But I found the most suitable line. So her you go:

I’ll never lay down flat in one cardboard box
Yes, me Daddy Snow I’m gonna reach to the top, so

Snow – Informer

Ice, Ice, Baby

2 thoughts on “Informer – Snow

    1. Hey Jerome. I guess in Japan it’s also getting cold now. Here it is already too cold for camping and cooking and eating outside is also no longer enjoyable.

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