The Facts

Below is the route we have traveled so far. Most of the time it is not up to date, because I need to generate it manually.

map complete
March 2015 – May 2016

Some numbers and facts:

Longest distance in one day:

193 km, China

141km, India

125km, Iran

Most altitude climbed:

2075m, Siliguri to Sonada, India

1804m, Meghri pass, Armenia

Highest elevation:

5416m, Thorong La, Nepal

4655m, Akbaital Pass, Tajikistan



Wolfgang – Back pain first 3000 km

Cora – Knee pain first 3000km

Both – Giardia amoebe infection Iran to Kazakhstan

Cora – High fever Dashoguz, Turkmenistan

Cora – High fever Termiz, Uzbekistan

Wolfgang – Part of tooth broke off, Kyrgyzstan

Wolfgang – High fever in Hapur, India

Wolfgang – Knee ligament injury, Myanmar

Cora- High fever, northern Laos

Wolfgang – High fever, southern Laos

Flat tires:

  • Wolfgang km 3300 Georgia
  • Cora km 3500 Georgia
  • Wolfgang km 3600 Armenia
  • Wolfgang km 8500 Uzbekistan
  • Wolfgang km 8550 Tajikistan
  • Wolfgang km 10.000+ Kyrgyzstan
  • Cora km 12.000+ India
  • Wolfgang – Shilong, India
  • Wolfgang – Bagan, Myanmar
  • Wolfgang – Kasi, Laos
  • Wolfgang – Chitose, Japan
  • Wolfgang – Somewhere, Japan
  • Wolfgang – Shimukappu, Japan
  • Wolfgang – Pingquan, China
  • Wolfgang – Choir, Mongolia
  • Wolfgang – Ulan Bator (twice)
  • Wolfgang – Western Russia
  • Wolfgang – At Russian/ukraine border

Replaced bicycle parts:

  • Georgia: Wolfgang rear wheel brake pads
  • Georgia: Cora front and rear wheel brake pads
  • Iran: Wolfgang kickstand
  • Tajikistan: Wolfgang front wheel brake pads
  • Kyrgyzstan: Wolfgang front wheel tube
  • Nepal: Wolfgang and Cora all brake pads
  • India, Shilong: Wolfgang rear tire
  • Myanmar: Wolfgang new shift cable, Cora new brake cable
  • Thailand, Udon Thani: Both of us got new chain, new chain rings and new cassette.
  • Laos, Vientiane: Cora new front light
  • Bangkok, Thailand: Cora new rear tire, Wolfgang new front tire
  • Bangkok, Thailand: Wolfgang new saddle
  • Bangkok, Thailand: Replaced pulleys. Got the wrong ones in Udon Thani.
  • Akita, Japan: Wolfgang Shimano front derailleur replaced after a part of it broke
  • Shimukappu, Japan: Wolfgang chain lock
  • Shikoku, Shift wire replaced
  • Shikoku, Tension belt replaced
  • South Korea, chain segment replaced
  • Seoul, rear wheel replaced completely
  • Seoul, rear wheel replaced again completely
  • Seoul, shift handle replaced
  • Seoul, shift cable replaced
  • Seoul, cassette replaced
  • Seoul, chain replaced
  • Seoul, all break pads replaced
  • Dandong (China) – Right pedal replaced

Equipment issues:

  • Germany: broken hook on Ortlieb pannier after little accident with a wall. Replaced
  • Germany: 2 failing insulation mattresses. One got repaired by Exped free of charge and I got the money back for the other one. Meanwhile I had bought a new one.
  • Serbia: Kick stand breaks under heavy load. Get a new one in Iran.
  • Bulgaria: Cora`s Busch&Mueller USB-Werk failed. Still warranty. Got new one shipped to Almaty.
  • Georgia: One tent pole slightly damaged. Slightly fixed.
  • Iran: Cora`s Busch&Müller front light damaged, because bicycle fell into the water filled road side ditch. Reflecting surface dissolved in water (!). Informed B&M and git a new one for free.
  • Uzbekistan: Big Ortlieb pannier has several holes. Not sure if caused by animal or rough use. Trying to find Ortlieb repair kit somewhere.
  • Tajikistan: Kick stand I got in Iran also broke under heavy load. Not replaced.
  • Tajikistan: Cora`s MSX rear panniers both broke along the Pamir highway. Fixed with a tree branch. MSX provided replacement parts for free. Received them in Almaty.
  • Tajikistan: Air pump damaged on Pamir highway, while some guys used it to fix their flat tire on a 4WD. Got a new one in Almaty.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Tent pole broke. Fixed with tent repair kit. Informed Exped and got four pole segments for free.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Pedals start to get loose
  • Kyrgyzstan: Tent front entrance zipper starts to make trouble.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Valve of Cora’s insulating mattress starts to fall apart.
  • Nepal: Wolfgang’s handlebar bag frayed out
  • Nepal: Cora’s front pannier torn apart. Fixed with some old bicycle tube.
  • Nepal: Cora’s new Busch&Müller USB-werk fails again
  • Myanmar: Wolfgang’s third Term-A-Rest gets a bubble. Replaced in Bangkok
  • Thailand, Mae Sot: Wolfgang trousers torn apart: Fixed by a tailor.
  • Laos, Vientiane: Wolfgang rear pannier torn apart. Sewed together.
  • Laos, Vientiane: Parcel with new tent poles, new light for Cora.
  • Japan, USB-werk stops working
  • Japan, Odate: Tent pole breaks
  • Japan, Kamishihoro, Tent pole breaks
  • Japan, Chain breaks
  • Japan, Tension belt breaks
  • Japan, pannier rack bolt breaks
  • Japan, rear rim breaks
  • Japan, rear wheel hub bearing worn down
  • South Korea, chain breaks
  • Seoul, new wheel spokes not tightened
  • Seoul, shift cable breaks
  • Seoul, shift handle stops working
  • Seoul, spoke cut by chain
  • China, tent pole breaks
  • Gobi (Mongolia), insulating matress puncture
  • Mongolia, Ominfuel burner stopped working. Something stuck in the fuel pipe. Can’t fix.

Lost & Found

  • Georgia: Lost credit card. Got a new one in Tehran.
  • Iran: Lost sun hat minutes after I bought another one
  • Tajikistan: Found an excellent winter jacket for Cora, which probably fell from a 4WD’s roof.
  • Tajikistan: Lost three cycling gloves. Found one and lost it again.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Cora’s cellphone got stolen.
  • Nepal: Lost one cycling glove.
  • Nepal: Found a fleece buff on Annapurna Circuit.
  • Nepal: Found a bicycle air pump on Thorong La.
  • Nepal: Lost USB battery charger.
  • Nepal: Lost Cora. Found her again 3 hours later.
  • India: Lost our designer laundry bag
  • Laos: Lost Cora’s tension belt
  • Vietnam: Lost Cora’s helmet
  • Vietnam: Found little towel a few days after Wolfgang decided he wants one. Perfect.
  • Vietnam: Lost Cora’s rear mud catcher.
  • Cambodia: Lost Wolfgang’s left glove in laundry
  • Thailand: Found Fat Cat
  • Japan: Found minion and pokemon

All the countries we have visited on this tour so far: