Adaption – Persia and Central Asia

If you have read the last posts, you know that we are no longer on holidays. The first weeks of our journey, however, often felt like holidays. I think somewhere in Iran this feeling ended and traveling has become our life.

I notice a lot of changes around us, but also inside of me. You know you have spend too much time in Iran, when

  • You check the best-before date when buying canned tuna
  • You start knocking on watermelons because it makes you look like you know what you are doing
  • You eat a watermelon a day
  • You no longer accept any price. Instead you always ignore the first offer and you safe up to 50%.
  • You take pictures of people taking pictures of you
  • You start to like the water hose
  • You have no idea if there are actually hotels in Iran
  • You search for the next Red Crescent station on….and write a review afterwards
  • You visit famous mosques, because they have the best air conditioning
  • You consider pitching the tent on the road as soon as there is not much traffic
  • You answer „I already bought one yesterday“ when you get offered a Persian carpet

You know you have spend too much time in Turkmenistan when

  • You run towards people to stop them from doing things
  • You throw things at people and animals to control their movement
  • You buy a whistle, because it is better for your voice.
  • You refer to the Karakum desert as „The widest beach in Central Asia“
  • You marry, just because there is an amazing building for that
  • You do not talk about the Turkmenbashi
  • You put on a jacket below 40°C
  • You wear a dress….and a head scarf for non religious reasons
  • You know how to get money
  • You had a great week in Ashgabat

You have spend too much time in Uzbekistan, when

  • The police knows the content of your bags better than you
  • You walk around on the black market like some war lord with a way too arrogant attitude just so you don’t get fooled
  • You carry at least half a kilo of money in your hand
  • You always order shashlik, because no matter how many dishes they offer, they only have shashlik anyway.
  • You always count money, even when you got it from an ATM
  • You bring your own toilet paper, but you „do not throw it in the toilet bowl!“

….and you have spend too much time in Uzbekistan, BECAUSE

  • You have been registered by the highway patrol at least 10 times
  • You can answer emails of the last three weeks while you upload a 1.5 MB image
  • You were running around a whole day to find an ATM with actually money in it

You have spend too much time in Tadjikistan, when

  • You found bottled water that doesn’t taste like sewage
  • You roll down to 4500m
  • You consider crossing the Sahara by bicycle challenging rather than impossible.
You have been in Turkmenistan, if you know this guy
You have been in Turkmenistan, if you know this guy


4 thoughts on “Adaption – Persia and Central Asia

  1. Hallo Wolfgang und Cora, wir freuen uns sehr, wieder von Euch zu hören. Oh,mann,was ihr alles erlebt. Echt Respekt für euer Durchhaltevermögen! Gut,dass du Cora wieder gesund bist! Weiterhin eine gute Reise und wir freuen uns schon auf eure nächsten posts!
    LG Isolde, Paul,David und Maya

  2. diiiooss miiioooo !!!
    que pena !!! meine Lieebn ! ich lache während dem Lesen und bekomme gleichzeitig Gänsehaut. Es fühlt sich quasi an, als wäre ich selbst in der Geschichte dabei, so herrlich und emotional schreibt ihr !!! Vielen Dank für die lieben Zeilen, die Karte aus dem iran kam an !! 🙂 Gar nicht so lange gebraucht hat sie. 4 Wochen.
    Hier in Deutschland ist es zz sehr warm. Es ist Sommer und so einen hatten wir gefühlt schon lange nicht mehr. Es ist wunderschön, die Nächte lang, obwohl sie schon wieder kürzer werden. Auch nächste Woche soll es noch shcön werden. In 4 Wochen darf auch ich in den urlaub gehen und werde mich in die Berge verziehen .
    Ansonsten ist hier alles beim Alten. Passt auf euch auf und macht weiter! Ich drück dich , Cora !!!

    1. ach und verwirrt hat mich der comment: „you marry, just because there is an amazing building for that“. 🙂

      1. In Ashgabat gibt’s den Wedding Palace. Das ist ein Gebaude zum Heiraten. Ausschliesslich dafuer gebaut. Da kann man dann mit 5000 Gaesten heiraten und der Praesident kommt auch noch dazu, weil man ja dann reich sein muss.

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