Message in a bottle – we are in Turkmenistan

We entered Turkmenistan in the early morning and are now in Ashgabat. No more hijab and the city is just crazy.
We need to get something to drink now.

More detailed stories about northern Iran and Turkmenistan as soon as we have a proper internet connection.

We have only 5 days to rush through Turkmenistan. So probably no new during that time.

Till then…


5 thoughts on “Message in a bottle – we are in Turkmenistan

  1. Welcome, I am really glad to meet You, I wish luck in Your trip

  2. Hello Wolfgang! Have been following along on your great adventure. We are in Germany now visiting your mother and she was very worried as you hadn’t posted in a while but we kept assuring her that you probably just had poor internet connections. I will show her this last post and she will be very happy. We have also been now to visit both Isolde and Helga and their families and have had a very good visit. Tomorrow we move on to visit Scuba Diving friends from Munich as well as other Scuba diving friends who are coming to meet us from England. Take care and safe travels.

    1. apologies as I forgot to leave our regards for Cora, hope you are both enjoying your adventure.

      Take Care,
      Christina and Jamie

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