Message in a bottle – The Iran Visa

No blog entry for a while. And you still have to wait a bit longer. The reason is that my inner voice is much faster than I can type on the smartphone’s soft keyboard.
That’s so annoying that I don’t want to write long texts. But good news I just ordered an external keyboard which I will probably get end of next week. Because I really like to write and I want to write more. I’m more of a writer than a photographer.

Anyway what this post is actually about is the Iranian visa. Short story though. We just got informed that our visa application has been accepted by the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs. The visas are waiting in  the Iranian embassy in Yerevan (Armenia). We will collect them mid May. Now Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are the last countries where we still have no visa. But we know the process and will apply for them soon and will later get them in Tehran and Masshad.

I personally like borders and the visa bureaucracy. Not in a political way but rather as it indicates that you leave something and enter something new. Also the time limited validity of visas gives you the impression of a diver who has only oxygen for a certain amount of time. In those countries you feel more like a stranger who is only permitted to stay for a short time. And normally there is no way back. Most Central Asian visas are single entry or even transit meaning that once you leave a country you can’t easily go back. You have to move on to the next country.

And finally the harder it is to get somewhere the less tourists you can expect.

2 thoughts on “Message in a bottle – The Iran Visa

  1. So will it be a blue tooth soft, the roll up type of keyboard or will it be the one that shines a light to use as a keyboard?

    1. I ordered one of those apple style boards. So it is not a roll up type. I just need a proper keyboard with German layout. So I ordered one and let Amazon ship it to a friend in Bulgaria.

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