A Last Cup of Coffee – Good Bye Movilizer!

Right now I’m sitting in my empty apartment on the floor. There are only two things left:

A Wifi-Router and my Notebook.

Cora will return to Mannheim only on Tuesday. Time to recall another huge part of my life.

The Wifi and the Notebook actually speak for themselves: I’m an IT-Guy.

It took me way too long to figure that out, but that’s what I really liked to do and I had the chance to work in an excellent startup company called Movilizer.

When I started working there, we were a really small team and our product just had a basic feature set. Now, five years later, things have changed a lot. But still, every day I went to work I had this feeling of working in a great, motivated team. I often referred to it as working in my living room. There was so much going on and I had such a great time. All your support, all the fun we had, the table football we played and most important all the different people from all around the world: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Spain, India, China, Philippines, UK, USA, France, Bulgaria etc.

I’m just smiling whenever I think about anyone of you.

When I prepared lunch for you last friday I wanted to give you something back, something from where I come from. So I prepared Linsen, Saiten und Spätzle for all of you. Or actually you prepared the Spätzle yourself with a tool called Spätzlehobel (in case you want to buy one). Some also asked for the incredients of the Spätzle-dough. Here you go:

For two:

2 eggs

150g flour

50g durum wheat semolina („Hartweizengrieß“ in German)

some salt

Mix everything together, then add water until you see bubbles in the dough or start talking with a swabian accent.

I had a lot of fun and thank you for the great poster you designed. I pinned it to the wall in the cellar, where all my stuff is stored for the next two years. And with the help of all the foreign currencies, I will always have the right bakshish on hand.

Luckily some of you even took pictures, because I was too busy making Spätzle with you.

20150306_123029              20150306_124348

20150306_124353              20150306_133654


I will miss you!

You movilized me. You made me three times faster. Now it’s time for me to re-invent my mobile enterprise.

Please close this ticket.

Sincerely yours


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  1. Wolleeeeee ich wünsch euch viel Glück, wechselhaftes Wetter ;-), Ausdauer und natürlich Spaß! Schade, dass ich dich nicht persönlich verabschieden konnte… Freue mich auch zahlreiche lustige und interessante Einträge in eurem Travel Blog! Bis denne!

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