India or China

Understanding the Central Asian visa jungle took a lot of time. South East Asia seemed too easy compared to it. Now we just realized the visa might be easier in SEA but that doesn’t mean all borders are open. Especially between India and Myanmar it seems to be tricky. Manipur has still not really calmed down and Myanmar requires special permits in the border region to India.

So we thought of a plan B avoiding India and traveling from Kyrgyzstan via China to SEA. Good to know more about this alternative route, but it has its own drawbacks. Anyway, we keep it in mind. On the other hand the border between India and Myanmar just recently opened a bit for travelers. We found several reports of cyclists crossing the border at Tamu. The first travelers apparently accomplished this only in summer 2014, so that’s the reason why most websites still tell you it isn’t possible.

We will see in India. Everything will be different then that’s for sure. Other options are flying from Kathmandu to Myanmar or Thailand and therefore avoiding the land border crossing. But we both agreed that we’ll try to avoid flying. Crossing borders is not only a bureaucratic act, but also a symbolic one. An airport seems not the right place for that.